FarewellKB_pics   Epic. Last night was just that. A couple weeks ago we started promoting a "Farewell KB" outing. Hundreds of fans ended up lining the Shea Bridge to bid farewell to the great Kevin Burkhardt. Some may have never spoken a word to him before, but he's been in all of our homes for the last 8 years. He's seemed like a family member to most of us, definitely one of the gang, a true Met fan. When Kev speaks of the team, more often than not he's saying what we're all thinking. He wants the team to succeed as much as we do. Kevin has a way about him that is very welcoming both on and off camera. We've been calling him our "Homeboy" for quite some time and last night showed how much he's meant to all of us. He is never too busy for a quick chat or to pose for a photo with a fan. In an industry where most just do their jobs, Kevin goes above and beyond. The extreme definition of going the extra mile. His reporting, interviews and fun stories have kept us entertained all these years. I can't express enough gratitude towards Kevin. He's been a huge supporter of The 7 Line and our "Army" since the very start. He's always tried to take a visit to our section and mentioned the group when given the chance during the broadcast, on twitter, in interviews ect. He believes in our mission to bring fans together and last night was just another example of what Queens can be like when the wins start rolling in. If he wasn't working in this field, I know for sure he'd be out there with us hootin' and hollerin'. Our team is out of it, the season is all but over and an excess of 500 fans stood out on the Shea Bridge who may have skipped the game otherwise. That's a true testament to how much Kevin has touched each and every one of us. When Kevin rolled out around the 7th inning it was the like the Beatles had just arrived. Total rockstar status. We'll all miss ya Kev! FOX is lucky to have you. These past 8 years were just a pit stop in what we all know will be a career of greatness. Kevin, you've hustled your tail off and made all this happen. We're all proud of you, homeboy!  


  • It truly was an awesome celebration of Kevin..pure and simple! Many of us came to the game just because it was Kevin’s last game! I know we did…2.5 hrs from CT! Kevin is our Rockstar for sure! He made us all feel like part of the team! We will forever miss you KB! We will be cheering form all our homes for you to continue to climb with FOX and beyond! We love you KB!

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