We regret to inform you that this ticket sale has unfortunately been put on hold.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your group. An unforeseen issue arose and we're in the process of correcting it. We're working hard to make sure our third annual trip is another success. Updates will be posted as the details are finalized. Please forgive us!
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  • Hey I am wondering if the Bronx Invasion tickets are going to go on sale? I wanted to get 10tickets as a Birthday gift needed for February 20th I just need to know if should wait or that? Or will it not happen before then. Do you have a time frame for them?

    Thanks so much please let me know
    Kerri. Hanson

    Kerri on
  • I certainly hope the boys in the Bronx aren’t getting nervous about 1,000 Blue and Orange fans in their building and are cutting your ticket allotment!

    Jason on
  • Alright, Keep me posted. i got 10 here that wanna go together. LETS GO METS !!

    Joe on

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