"The Guys" series

We teamed up with Mets fan and super talented artist Henry Gustavson on this new series. The Guys shirt has been a popular one of ours over the past year. We decided to break it up to give each "guy" their own shirt. 

Here's Henry's take on the motivation behind the designs. "I wanted to emphasize their physical movement more so than their face or likeness. The color palette is a little more minimalist, to keep the design of the figures a little more abstract". 

These will be released soon in time for the holidays. Stay tuned! 


  • Ill take one of each in x-large

    Steve D on
  • Will these be available for Internet sale? I’d love a Gary Carter one.

    Giancarlo on
  • When is this coming out? Christmas is in a month :-(

    Inday on
  • Will you be making more of the original “The Guys” shirts?

    Ward on
  • Let me know when the STRAW & MEX t-shirts are available. I will take one of both in a Large .

    Tim Hermansen on
  • These T-shirts a wonderful! They are graphic, humorous, lighthearted and truly works of art. I want the whole set! Bravo to the inspired artist and to the Mets for commissioning them!

    Kate Shattan on
  • Awesome. Send me an email when the sale begins. Thanks Darren.

    Tom on
  • Just wondered if there is an eta for the Kid shirt and if it will be available in child (toddler) sizes? Thanks looks great!

    Jerry Colfer on
  • What about Dykstra? Can you make one?

    Matt on

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