Last tailgate party of August!

Tailgate with us this Saturday at Citi Field! Our last tailgate party of the "summer". Our next won't be until the final regular season home game on Sunday September 25th. We'll be pre-gaming in McFadden's on Monday September 19th. 

Gates should open around 3pm (GAME IS AT 7:10), so try to be early to make sure you get in to secure a spot. The lot can fill up pretty quickly. It is also Matt Harvey Bobblehead day, but we'd rather tailgate with our friends than wait on line. 

We'll be set up at our normal spot just past the train station platform. The MTA "Southfield Lot" is located on Roosevelt Avenue just next to the steps to the 7 train. Great location with plenty of room. Check the below map if you're not in the know. 

Even if you're not sitting with us, you're welcome to come by. More the merrier, so tell your friends. Bring your own grills, food, drinks... but make sure you CLEAN UP after yourselves. Nobody likes a mooch, so please don't go rummaging through anyones coolers that don't belong to you. If you're feeling generous and you'd like to share, that's totally your call. Come prepared. 

Even if you're shy, try to say hi. We're all friendly. Everyone in the group started out as a stranger one day. 

The game is at 7:10 so prepare to head in around 6:30 so we can get to our seats in time for the National Anthem. 


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